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The Fertility Coach


"My Daughter is my greatest challenge in life and my biggest accomplishment"

The Fertility Coach

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The Fertility Coach 

Creator of Calm Conception Hypnocoaching

Hi I'm Charlotte and I am The Fertility Coach. Creator of The Calm Conception Coaching Programme.

After my own struggles with fertility for over 15 years which included problems ovulating, getting pregnant, multiple miscarriages and failed cycles of IVF I felt like everything around me was crumbling. I had no control.

My self confidence and self worth was non existent, my anxiety and depression was at its worst point, I couldn't sleep, I didn't enjoy doing anything anymore, I didn't want to go anywhere or spend time with anyone. My relationship suffered - My partner and I drifted apart, stopped communicating, started assuming who cared the most and how the other felt. I stopped making an effort with myself, my partner or anyone else for that matter. 

I was angry at everyone around me, at myself and especially anyone who was getting pregnant. I became bitter, snappy and jealous - This wasn't how I wanted to live my life.

Why couldn't I just be happy? Why couldn't I get my happy ever after?

Fast forward 5 years of trying to conceive and an IVF cycle finally worked and baby stayed put! YES! All that heartache and hurt would finally be worth it!

Now life would go back to normal and I could get back to myself. That didn't happen - the worry of getting pregnancy transferred from getting pregnant, to staying pregnant, to birth, to being a perfect parent. 

My anxiety suffered, I was so petrified of loosing my baby it took over my life, I was depressed again but in a whole different way, In a way that I had to paint a smile on my face constantly because everyone told me how happy I should be now I have my miracle. 

When I had our Daughter I put so much pressure on myself to be a "perfect mom", I struggled with post natal depression and felt that I couldn't talk to anyone, couldn't open up to anyone or admit that i was struggling. My mental health suffered, my confidence and self worth suffered, my marriage suffered - no one told me about any of this and I was just expected to be OK again,This was all meant to be OK again now, we had our baby so why did I feel like this?

No one spoke about any of this so I assumed it was just me that was the problem - Now I know that isn't the case. 

I had no one to work with, no one to contact, no one to show me what to do to help myself and how to get some calm and control back into my life. That's where I come in - I never want any woman to feel how I did, to feel lost, alone and out of control. 

Together we work through your past and present to start and get you that calm and control back, work on hypnocoaching techniques to put you in the best possible place to move forward and get your happy ever after and most of all work on YOU - Your self worth, self respect and self love because that needs to be the foundation we build upon.

I look forward to working together to help you achieve your brighter, happier, healthier future.